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10 years of collaboration as fashion designer of DOLCE & GABBANA, 6 years as free lance fashion consultant for known brands, 5 years as Creative director and stylist of the brand of sexy lingérie INCANTO. These experiences have allowed me to consolidate my professionalism in the field of commercial and fashion consultancy . The success of my most sexy lingérie collections, has suggested me to create a line of products in the eroticism and emotions of couple, exalting the fashion aspect by founding my brand AMORE INTENSO® by Claudia Santoro and Fashion Consulting Office BON CLAUDE Très Chic.

AMORE INTENSO® le massage très chic” is my unexpected creation to keep the thread of couple seduction always tense, combining fashion, sensuality and well-being. The high quality Made in Italy of the products is exalted by a packaging that I designed with an appealing image to enhance its fashionable appearance.

My creations reflect what I am and what I feel. Years ago a fashion operator told me: “create what you like and it will appeal to others too”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]