AMORE INTENSO® le massage très chic is a sensual intimate lubricant which, thanks to its delicate oil-based formula, is suitable for intimate massage during foreplay, to make the pleasure of sexual intercourse more stimulating and intense for both. It is perfumed with the exciting and exclusive Bon Claude Très Chic fragrance, silicone based and enhanced with Ylang Ylang essential oil, which is naturally aphrodisiac. It can be used for an erotic and sensual massage on the whole body. It is kissable and is the ideal product to stimulate your partner’s excitement. It can be used with all condoms.

AMORE INTENSO® le massage très chic is a very delicate lubricant; it is ideal for the sensitive intimate mucous membranes, as it is not irritating. It doesn’t contain parabens, formaldehyde cessors, vaseline oil.

Its aphrodisiac fragrance makes it suitable as a sensual massage oil for the whole body. After the massage, it leaves the skin soft, silky and not greasy. It lasts a long time and a small quantity is enough as a stimulating intimate lubricant. It is insoluble in water, allowing for pleasant caresses even in bathtubs and hot tubs. Amore Intenso lubricant is kissable and is the ideal product to increase your partner’s excitement, to improve your intimacy as a couple. The fashionable packaging makes Amore Intenso an intriguing gift idea.

Natural Ingredients

AMORE INTENSO® le massage très chic  is available in a luxurious 1,7 fl.oz. size, allowing for long hours of pleasure.
The ingredients are all rigorously tested, natural, selected from the finest essences and not tested on animals. Amore Intenso lubricant is applicable on intimate mucous membranes, kissable and compatible with all condoms.  It is not recommended for use with silicone-based toys.


The Flower of Desire

One of the 5 essential oils with aphrodisiac power is the Ylang-Ylang.
The aphrodisiac essential oils increase sexual desire and promote a more balanced and therefore more serene mental and physical health.
The Ylang-Ylang originates from the Philippines and Indonesia, and commonly grows in the islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. It is known as the “flower of flowers”; the scent is relaxing, with a basic floral note, which becomes more powerful when it is mixed with other oils.
The Ylang Ylang essential oil is also used for tantric massages thanks to its aphrodisiac power.